Criminal charges away from home can severely disrupt your life. But if you handle the matter appropriately, the process might be easier and have fewer adverse effects on your life. Most people charged in other states often pay bail, go home, and forget about it. But it helps to have an attorney following things up in the other state.

Predicting how the proceedings will go might be challenging, but out-of-state defendants might have an easier time if they are represented. A knowledgeable Tampa criminal defense lawyer might give you an idea of the proceedings in the state that has jurisdiction over your case and advise you on what to do to better the outcomes.

Can My Criminal Charges Be Moved to My State of Residence?

Florida has jurisdiction to prosecute any crime that happens within its borders. So, if you were in Florida when the alleged offense took place, you can only face criminal charges in the State. Many people work on the border of one state and live on the border of another. And sometimes, you can actually face charges in Florida when you have never stepped foot there.

A crime allegedly committed online against a resident of Florida might have you facing charges in the accuser’s state. It might be impossible to transfer the charges to your state of residence because the specifics of the laws governing the alleged offense might differ. Thus, you might have to make appearances or get a legal representative to appear for you where necessary.

Must Non-Residents Appear in Court for an Alleged Misdemeanor?

If you have a misdemeanor charge in Florida, you can ask a Tampa out-of-state defendants’ defense lawyer to handle the case on your behalf. This way, you won’t have to travel long distances to appear in court from time to time. The Tampa criminal defense attorney could stand-in for you at every step of the court proceedings and represent your best interests.

A lawyer in Tampa could use their knowledge, skills, and experience to defend you against the criminal charges against you. Their in-depth understanding of the Florida laws might be instrumental for better outcomes. But if the courts impose any sentence after the hearings, you might have to travel to Florida for it. However, you must invest in your defense to avoid being detained away from home.

Can I Be Represented by an Attorney for a Felony?

While a defense attorney can represent you throughout a misdemeanor proceeding in court, your presence might be needed from time to time if it’s a felony charge. You might have to be present to post an expensive bail as assurance that you will return to court to face the charges. As long as you appear in court when needed, the bail money could be refunded.

A Tampa out-of-state defendants’ defense lawyer can keep you posted on the days to attend court proceedings. And when you are not needed, they can represent you to avoid the grave consequences of accused persons failing to follow court orders. Failure to appear or send a representative can render your bail non-refundable, and the judge might issue a bench warrant of arrest.

What Should I Do if a Bench Warrant Is Issued?

You could be facing possible extradition if you fail to appear in court and a warrant of arrest is issued against you. Florida could make a formal request to your state of residence asking them to transport you to face criminal charges. Police in your state might take you into custody if they stop you for other reasons and realize that you have a bench warrant against you in another state.

Fortunately, a hearing will be conducted before you are taken to Florida, and you might get a chance to defend yourself against the extradition. If your state finds sufficient facts supporting the extradition, it might facilitate your movement to Florida. Extradition is quite expensive and is rarely done for minor offenses.

In Which State Should I Hire a Lawyer?

It is always advisable to retain a lawyer in the state where charges have been brought against you. An experienced Tampa out-of-state defendants’ defense lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the legal definitions of various crimes in Florida and the standards of proof. Additionally, it will be convenient for them to attend court sessions on your behalf.

But if you have been issued a bench warrant and facing possible extradition, you could get another attorney to represent you in your state of residence; whether Georgia or Alabama. Please make sure they understand extradition laws in your state and can use their expertise to give your case the best possible outcome under those circumstances.

What Should I Do if I Have Valid Reasons for Not Appearing in Court?

Sometimes, failure by an out-of-state defendant to appear in court might not be out of sheer reluctance. It could be for reasons beyond their control; for instance, they could have been in custody in another state. Criminal charges in multiple states can work to your advantage if handled correctly.

Notifying a skilled Tampa out-of-state defendants’ defense lawyer is critical if you cannot appear in court for whatever reason. They could explain the reasons in court and request the judge not to revoke your bond or issue a warrant of arrest. Spending time in custody in another state could sometimes give you credit in Florida.

A Legal Professional Helping You Fight Back Out of State Criminal Charges

Charges in another state can be scary, especially because you might not understand their justice system. It can be even more frightening when you don’t know which attorney to contact for assistance.
Our lawyers have been representing resident and out-of-state defendants for a long time. You can be assured that they will protect your rights and walk with you every step of the legal journey. Kindly speak to us today to discuss the criminal charges you are facing in Florida.